_0006_MIKLUS-DRAGA Malvasia

Malvasia Miklus


Area of production

Friuli Venezia Giulia, San Floriano del Collio

Soil composition

Sandstone marl


4500 Kg/Ha

Density system

5000 plants/hectare (Guyot)


Medium to big sized bunch, cylindrical, quite compact, often winged, it takes to medium spherical berries of rich yellow colour.


The hue is intense yellow with golden highlights. Intense and persistent with geranium typical notes and a pleasant citrusity blended into apricot reminiscences. Malvasia Istriana has a delicate nose of summer’ fruits.

What we eat with it

Istria raw langoustines, grilled anchovies with “radicchio” and beans salad, aubergine rolls stuffed with feta and Mediterranean herbs.

To be served



14 % vol.

Vinification: The vinification starts with a 5 days contact on the skin with fermented in open-top vat, no temperature control. In the beginning the juice is pumped over the cap frequently. The wine aged for 24 months in large barrels (2000 litres).