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Cabernet Sauvignon MIKLUS 2014
French STYLE natural wines category, very low sulphite content. Suitable for long aging. Tannic, very complex, with notes of berries, plums, blackberries, black currant, licorice and raspberry.
18.80 € 18.80 € 18.8 EUR
Collio Rosso MIKLUS 2015
French STYLE, natural wines category, very low sulphite content . Suitable for long aging. Very complex, with notes berries, cherry jam, raspberry, chocolate. HARMONIOUS
19.80 € 19.80 € 19.8 EUR
Pinot Grigio MIKLUS 2017
UNIQUE, almost red wine, Natural/orange category, colour of red wine, very persistent, mineral, savory, very complex..very low sulphite content...this wine requires a lot of experience, suitable for expert sommeliers
26.80 € 26.80 € 26.8 EUR
Malvasia MIKLUS 2016
Incredible power, 51 year old vines, autochthonous, typical notes of peach, apricot. Natural/orange category, low sulphite content. Wine for expert sommelier
22.80 € 22.80 € 22.8 EUR
Ribolla Gialla MIKLUS 2014
Wine that MAKES TRAVEL, autochtonous, natural/orange category, very complex, persistent ...very low sulphite content.. this wine requires a lot of experience
26.80 € 26.80 € 26.8 EUR